Channel Manager – All your bookings in one place.
With the Channel Manager your bookings are added into your Roomplan automatically, whether guests book directly from your website, or through one of your connected Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), such as, Expedia or Airbnb.
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A simpler and safer way to manage your inventory
By using the integrated Channel Manager in Julie you virtually eliminate the risk of double bookings as well as removing the pain of logging into multiple websites to maintain your room availabilities, prices and restrictions.
"It's great going to bed without having to worry about double bookings. You could say that Julie also helps me get a good nights sleep! ;)"
Alberto Donko | Lake Side Hotel, Spain

Time is money! Stop wasting yours!

Manually updating your inventory on multiple Online Travel Agent (OTA) websites is time-consuming. Offering room availability across different channels can also be a balancing act between hoping for more bookings and the potential risk of double bookings. These issues become a thing of the past when you start using our Channel Manager.

Connect to the best

The biggest and most successful OTAs can be connected;, Expedia, Airbnb, HRS and Feratel.

No Bookings = No Charges

A great way to manage your OTA availability and bookings! You are only charged a small fee (2% per booking) when you receive bookings through the Channel Manager. There are no setup or operating fees to pay!

Simple Management

The Channel Manager is really easy to use, and all channels work the same way. Set up your main channel, then let other channels work off the same information. Keeping it simple so you can focus on other important tasks.

Great Overview

Monitor the overall performance of each channel. Easily check things like cancellations, and get a great overview of how your business is performing over time.

Virtually eliminate the risk of double bookings and automatically synchronize your inventory across OTA channels

Simply match the rooms in your Julie Roomplan with the rooms in your Online Travel Agent accounts to get started. There are no charges for setup and usage of the Channel Manager! We only charge 2% of the booking value as commission when you receive a booking through the Channel Manager.

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