Bring your Guest Communications into the modern age with SARA.
Communicating well with your guests is really important, but doing it by email can be slow and long-winded. Plus, if your guests don't book with you directly you may not even have their email address. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to switch to the fast lane, and just chat with them?
Hi, we will arrive at 6pm!
08:43 am
Great, have a safe trip! 👍
50 min.
Chat Now
SARA Host – Stay in touch with your guests.
Your guests can connect with you easily using the SARA app. As soon as they install SARA they get their booking information, useful information to organize their trip, and your contact details all in one place. Plus, you can start chatting with them directly.
Start using the SARA app as a host, connected to your Julie system.
Why not start using SARA for your business?
Chat messages are typically read within 2 minutes by 97% of people.
Thrill your guests with a personalized and direct service. Whether they have questions about their arrival, or if you want to send them suggestions for places to visit or things to see: SARA chat is an instant and effective way to communicate.
Start a conversation
The hotel typicaly replies within 30 minutes.
New conversation
We will arrive earlier at around 1pm. ok?
11:43 am
Hi Lea, Sure the room will be ready for you.
11:59 am
Perfect - Thank you and see you soon.
12:10 pm
Use a mobile and flexible solution – Use SARA
Communicating with your guests should not mean you have to be sat in front of your laptop or desktop computer. It should be something that fits into the modern way of running your business. It should be mobile, quick and easy to use. SARA is the perfect solution for keeping in touch with your guests whilst on the go!
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