More than just another Property Management System
Julieโ€˜s centerpiece is the award winning Online Roomplan: This provides an overview of all your bookings and room availability, as well as useful information like guest details and booking totals. Julie is available for free: so why not try it today?
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Your booking HQ, no matter where you are!
Nobody wants to be tied to their desk (or their desktop) all day! Julie works on all your devices; your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection to access your Julie account: whenever you want, wherever you may be.
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No time to improve? It only takes a couple of minutes...

Many systems are too time consuming or too complicated to get started with. So we have made the sign up process for Julie both quick and simple. Our aim is for you to get started using Julie without needing any help or interaction from us. During the sign up process you will be asked 3 questions about your accommodation, these are used to set up your account and roomplan.

Once this is done, here is what you get for free:

Always Free

The Online Roomplan and Guest Administration modules are yours, for free! Plus, you can upgrade or cancel your account at any time.

Create Bookings & Blocks

Using the Julie Roomplan to insert your bookings is easy. Choose a booking status, enter the guest details, then send a confirmation to the guest with one click.

Flexible Pricing

Set up standard prices per room night and adjust the price per booking if required. Want to add-on extra charges for products or services? Easy!

Clear & Simple Overview

Check your availability and occupancy levels at a glance. Get detailed booking and guest information at the touch of a button.