Manage your property using Voice Control
The use of digital companions such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. Julie is part of this digital revolution in Voice Control and helps you to manage your bookings. Ask Julie to check your occupancy for a period and she will tell you what room types are available.
Get Started
  • Ask Julie to check your availability.
  • Create bookings using your voice.
  • Manage your accommodation bookings on the go.
"Julie, what is my availability on the 2nd of March?" - "Julie please enter a booking for Reynolds."
"I just love Julie!!" - Sunset B&B, Rosy Jackson

Save time and talk to Julie

We've made Julie simple to use, but with Voice Control it's even easier (and more fun). Try it for yourself and take a journey into the future with this amazing technology that is only going to increase in usefulness over time. Tell Julie what you want her to do, and let her help you complete your tasks, without lifting a finger!

Stay flexible

Whether you are at home, on holiday, or stuck in traffic. Julie is a web-based system that you can operate with your voice, no matter where you are.

Meeting your needs

Keep your expectations high, just like your guests do. If you are looking for a modern, innovative and easy to use system, then Julie is the solution for you.

Less work, more time

Thanks to Voice Control you don’t need to learn how to navigate the system. Julie listens to you and learns how to meet your needs.

More helpful innovations

We are really excited about this great feature, and we hope you are too! For now you can already check on realtime availabilities and enter bookings by voice but: there is much more to come!