Some general questions that we often get asked:

The free plan can be used for as long as you like. Our goal is to digitalize the hospitality market and provide an easy and fun way to help accommodation owners to manage their bookings and guests. We hope you like the system and soon activate the channelmanager or use our invoicing system, where you pay a small fee.
You can create a Julie account using your email address, or your Facebook or Google account. Use any of the "Get Started" buttons on this website to start the process (which is really quick and easy). You can check out the "Upgrade" option within your Julie account. Also, you can cancel your account at any time – there are no long term contracts to sign!
There is a "Chat" feature within your Julie account, and also on this website (the purple question mark starts this off). There is a contact form on the "Let's Talk!" page, that also shows our phone number!
Yes, with 90 employees. Easybooking is known for the system “JULIA” (sort of Julie's bigger sister) that sold already more than 7500 times in the german speaking countries. Our goal with Julie is to digitalize the hospitality market on an international level and meet the expectations of guests by empowering you as a professional host. We would like you to enjoy working with Julie, with her clean design, easy operation and innovative functions.
If you choose to delete your Julie account all of the booking and guest information in there is digitally destroyed, and we cannot recreate it for you. If you are having any problems with your Julie account, or are not satisfied with Julie in some way, please let us know before deleting your account. We would like to hear about the reasons so that we can improve Julie!
Some Roomplan questions that we often get asked:
Yes! The Julie Roomplan is completely free for you to use, forever 🎉.
Use any of the "Get Started" buttons on this website to begin the process. As soon as you have created your Julie account (which is really easy), you can start entering your existing bookings from your paper diary or existing system by clicking the "New" button or double-clicking your chosen room/date slot on the Roomplan. There is an instructions area within Julie to help you get started. Get in touch if you have any problems doing this and we can help.
This happens if your guest is using our SARA travel companion app and has signed in using their Facebook profile. This means that the Facebook profile picture of your guest is showing against the booking. SARA takes care of bookings for your guests and also allows for a direct chat feature with you as the property owner/operator.
Some Channel Manager questions that we often get asked:
Setup and usage of the Channel Manager is free. We charge you a fee of 2% of the booking value as commission for each OTA booking that comes in through the Channel Manager. We invoice you for payment when this reaches a total amount of €50 Euro.
If an OTA booking is cancelled you should contact the OTA that is the source of the booking. Once the OTA has cancelled the booking this change will be reflected in Julie, and no commission fee will be due on it.
This is a simple process that you can do through your Julie account. Start by connecting your channel. Once this is set up, all other OTA channels including your direct booking channel can be mapped to the main channel, ensuring that everything is connected and synchronized.
Questions we get asked about Voice Control:
Yes it is! You can use the Voice Control feature for free to make your life easier as soon as you start working with Julie!
Install the Google Assistant app on your mobile phone, and connect it to your Roomplan. Voilá - You are ready to go!
No! Julie does not listen to your everyday conversations. She only starts listening when you say "Hey Julie".