Beach, Bungalow and Julie

What I like about Julie:

"Using the Julie Roomplan saves me time, money and effort. Exactly what I needed. Julie has been worth a fortune to my business."

My background and working with Julie

My name is Andrew, and I own a small seaside beach bungalow in Portsea, a few miles Melbourne. I had always dreamed of running a vacation rental, so I bought and renovated an old, fragile building which I have turned into a lovely place to stay for guests who enjoy the sea as much as I do. Buying the place was a gut decision and even though it meant months of hard work, endless paperwork and restless nights, I am now happy to call myself a landlord.

Julie Modules Used;

  • Online Roomplan
  • Channel
  • Airbnb Channel
  • Invoicing

Get Started

Once I had finished renovating my place, I then had to find a way to manage and organize my bookings. So I started searching for an easy, smart and affordable property management system.

To be honest, every solution for vacation rentals claim they are easy-to-use, smart and affordable. So I looked for a system that I could try out myself, without needing to have a call with a sales person. I checked out Julie and registered with my facebook account, set up my 3 apartments and started inserting my existing bookings (I didn't have many to enter at that point unfortunately).

I realised pretty quickly that Julie was really easy to use, and was exactly what I had been looking for. For the first few months I worked with the basic and free version, which included the Roomplan and Guest Administration features. When my first guests started arriving I upgraded to the paid version that included the invoicing feature, and I am now one of the first users that are working with the Channel Manager as a test user. To sum it up: really cool system, no annoying people that want to sell you more and more all the time, and perfect for vacation rentals that want a simple way to manage their business.