Room Rental in Amsterdam

What I like about Julie:

"There is such an innovative and knowledgeable team behind the Julie software. Working with them gives me enthusiasm and peace of mind 😊."

Renting out my city apartment with Julie

Amsterdam has been my home since I started studying here aged 18. I now work as a freelance product designer and own a 4-bedroom apartment close to the city centre. I rent out two of the rooms (with private bathrooms) on a short term basis, in one of the greatest areas in Amsterdam. I love to welcome guests from abroad and show them around this magical city and get to know their culture and mindset. Renting out my two rooms is quite easy as I am online bookable on Airbnb - but when the number of bookings started to increase the extra work started to hit me.

Julie Modules Used;

  • Online Roomplan
  • Airbnb Channel
  • Invoicing

Get Started

Once the bookings started to increase my manual paperwork and processes were no longer suitable for keeping on top of things, with also having my freelancing project deadlines to meet.

At first I started using a small (but still expensive) vacation rental software package that was the first thing to show up in my google search results and sounded easy to use. Unfortunately it wasn't! I was unable to use it on my mobile phone, the software was buggy, and the support was not helpful at all. So I started searching again and checked out some booking system reviews, which lead me to Julie from easybooking. At the time Julie was new on the market, but I gave the free version a try out, and liked the modern and clean look of it straight away.

Since starting with Julie I have been impressed with the new features that have been added, and it has grown into a great solution for vacation rentals from my size to much bigger. It's good to see things like the knowledge base, which has been a great help whenever I had questions or needed more information. As a designer I can appreciate the considerable effort that must have gone into building Julie, and I look forward to seeing what more comes along over time! I would warmly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a great roomplan, guest communication tool and channel manager!